The value of emotional connections


Behind every great brand, there is a great story which connects the customer with the brand. 

Building emotional connections can happen in many ways and through various means, but one of the most powerful ways to do it is through a brand story. 

What is a brand story? there is no one answer to this, it could be the story of how the brand started or the story of the individual behind the brand or the story of the product/service itself. The point is, creating a story ensures there is some kind of emotional connection being built between the brand and the audience, which is a behind the scenes communication, more on the subconscious level.

Stories can be told in many forms and not just through text or written words. They could take the form of sound, smell, touch or indulging any sense for that matter or all of them at once, it just depends on what your brand is about as well as how you want to communicate it. 

People rarely speak about the hidden dynamics of branding, which are really what make up a solid brand, that is based on intangible attributes which cannot be seen but felt through our emotions. 

Tap into your story and communicate with your customers, if you really want build a long lasting relationship with them.

Keep moving forward, 

Ibrahim Bamehriz