A brand is an extension of a person's/group's personality


Any brand stems from the imagination of the person's/group's who came up with the business idea in the first place. As you start defining your concept, you start identifying more and more characteristics of what the brand will look like and how it will behave. 

Therefore, a brand is an extension of one's personality. This is crucial because whenever I work with a client, I always ensure to understand where they are coming from (background, upbringing, motivation, overall personality), it says a lot about why they are making those choices in particular. 

Personality is the driving force, behind why people start businesses and do what they do. The culmination of all what they have become, really shapes what they create in terms of a brand. It might not be very clear in the beginning, but once you start digging into one's persona, it all starts to make sense why they made those precise choices (naming, identity, business model etc..). It is on a very deep and subconscious level of thinking, which most of the time is actually unknown and hidden from themselves as a brand owner.  

Building brands on such deep levels, really enables effective reflections of one's aspirations and business objective. Keep it deep and be authentic. 

Keep moving forward, 

Ibrahim Bamehriz