Failure is the biggest success!

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Over the years I came to the conclusion that the more I failed the more I learned. It made me shift my mindset in relation to failure, instead of seeing it as a negative thing, I began to use it as a learning propelling me to move forward. 

For the longest time, everyone told me to be careful and keep my head down in order to avoid failing, and unfortunately I believed it like everyone else. With the rise of entrepreneurship in the last decade there has been a paradigm shift, where the experience of starting up proved just the opposite. The more you failed, the more you learned and the more you got closer to your desired goals and perhaps the highest levels of success. 

How can you know what the road to success is for your, if you have not gone through a process of trial and error to reach where you want to be? it is really very simple, but the mind programming we have been undergoing is more powerful than any sane mind!

So I say, start that business, try that job, go to that place, yes even if it is not thoroughly calculated, maybe with just minimal planning and some good old intuition. 

Embracing failure is a recipe for success, because the more you try and the more you fail, the better you get at moving forward and start using failure as a platform for personal and career growth. 

Keep moving forward, 

Ibrahim Bamehriz