Personal branding!

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Personal branding has been a hot topic for quite sometime now. It is not a new concept, people have been utilizing its power long ago, even before it became an actual thing. It is a natural by product of being an influential business owner, with a vision to add value and give back to the community through what you offer. 

What is it about exactly? 

Well personal branding is about your story, background, values, ambitions, offering; it is the culmination of all the things which make you who you are today, it even extends beyond just the work that you do, it involves your personal life too. It is about what makes you unique as a person and as a human being. 

It is a very powerful tool for business especially, because it communicates your true value and what you stand for in an authentic manner. By doing so, it connect you with your audiences and builds this bridge of emotional receptivity to what you have to offer as a brand, thus creates credibility around your area of expertise. 

It is definitely not about fame, it is about adding value, fame is a result of first and foremost, helping people in one way or another. 

Your personal brand is a platform for you to communicate authentically with your target audience, in order to get timely feedback and insights. It also creates your tribe of people who really believe in you and what you are all about. 

The most effective way to display your personal brand is on social media, via the various platforms available today. Go out there, share your gifts. Be consistent in your message and values, so people can understand what you are bringing to the table. 

Keep moving forward, 

Ibrahim Bamehriz