Integrating brand development and starting-up!

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I came up with an approach that basically integrates both disciplines, branding and starting up. One is strategic and intangible and the latter is tactical and more tangible. It is similar to the left and right brains, the right is creative and the left is analytical. 

Thus, what I do when consulting and advising startups wanting to start their brands/businesses, is to walk them through the process by combining both sides in order to come up with a solid and holistic business. 

Usually, people are either too business oriented and do not understand how to architect a brand or too creative and brand oriented and do not know how the business side of it works.  

I was fortunate to have studied and worked in the marketing industry for over a decade and have specialized in branding, as well as have started numerous startups/businesses (some failed and others thrived). So my brain became geared to deal with both sides of the coin, which led me to this integrated approach of combining these two interconnected aspects of building a successful business. 

This is how we add value at 25 branding, by using this integrated approach which is a huge plus to whatever you are wanting to accomplish. 

Keep moving forward, 

Ibrahim Bamehriz