Humans are walking brands!


I always like to compare humans with brands. How?

Consider this, when a baby is  born they have no name, it all starts with a name, just like a brand does. This is why having a well crafted name, is essential as an intangible initial point of exposure to the brand, if not the very first point of contact. 

After that, a baby becomes a child then a kid then an adult, where by throughout this process, the personality gains its qualities, attributes, values. This comprises, the way the person looks, sounds, their behavior, demeanor, tone of voice and many other aspects of that individual.

It is exactly the same thing with brand, you name it, give it a look, a personality. You need to treat it as a real person that is capable of interacting with other people which has a multi faceted personality, by making sure not only that they look good, but behave good, sound good etc...just like experiencing a human being in real life!

What I am trying to say is that, a brand is a multi dimensional thing which needs to be carefully created and nurtured in order to be able to communicate with the world in an effective and resonant way, which is attractive as well as resonant with its relevant target audience. 

Having a solid brand personality enables the business to thrive by driving brand loyalty, awareness and builds a long term relationship with customers, especially when competition increases, it won't hurt you since you have built your brand on solid foundations. 

Keep  moving forward, 

Ibrahim Bamehriz