Know who & what you need?


Knowing what you want for your brand is key in the process of choosing the right supplier to handle your brand building. There are so many varieties of freelancers, agencies, studios now a days and I believe each is good at something. But there are so many self-proclaimed experts out there, that do not really know what they are doing!

Make sure you choose wisely. How do you do it?

Simple, the more you know which skills you need in the team that will work on your brand, the better the match will be. For example, if you need more of a strategic approach then it would be completely different than wanting just a designer to work at your disposal under your sole direction. This is just a vague example of many other scenarios, but the point is to ensure there is synergy and aligned expectations on what your objectives are and what to expect. If this kind of understanding is not there, it would eventually be detrimental to your project.

My advice is, the company which is doing your branding, should have the strategic, design and managerial skills in order to deliver a well crafted brand. If one of these elements is missing, then it would cause an imbalance in the overall result of the desired outcome. The company should play the role of the counselor and the architect, and their only goal should be to TRANSLATE YOUR BUSINESS IDEA, INTO A TANGIBLE AND RELEVANT BRAND, "based on their unique approach". 

You will know you made the right choice, if it does not feel like too much effort and there is a smooth flow in exchanging ideas as well as in bringing your vision to life. This requires trust, transparency and belief that the chosen agency can do a great job with the least amount of interference and limitation. 

Have your say and clear direction but do not be too rigid and limiting. 

Keep moving forward, 

Ibrahim Bamehriz